Colour and some social media too

It's a long one folks...

The Psychology of Color by Tech King

Geared particularly towards web design (which I have recently started doing myself). It's always good to think about something in a structured way if you're a bit lost, and let's face it, it does happen to us all at some point. And perhaps as some extra back up when trying to convince a client why they should be using orange in their corporate identity (other than the fact that it is an ace colour).

Nice little look at the colours used in a selection of major web presences too- there is of course a lot of blue- they obviously all want to seem trustworthy and secure. Although they (Facebook) probably need to make sure the actual product is as such to begin with. The latest Facebook uproar surrounding the automatic face recognition software that was switched on without being announced and without notice given to user to opt out beforehand. I do think that is unacceptable, and not for the first makes me question the information I have 'out there'. By now, it's too late, and of course, most of what's out there I do want there. Google my name and you get images of my work (although probably not my best bits at the top) and my CV- which is I don't think can hinder me in my quest for career progression.

I am a little curious to know whether the face recognition actually works or not. I understand that major crime fighting and anti-terrorist organisations use facial recognition to spot the most wanted if they happen to crop up in a shopping centre in Northampton, and I'm sure (well hope at least) that it does work. But I'm not convinced it'll be at the same level, and more me on the level of 'sleb lookalike websites. One I tried kept returning my lookalike as Delta Goodrem. Very flattering, but unfortunately, not very accurate I'm afraid. Well, I've not turned the setting off in Facebook, so maybe we'll seen soon.

But of course I'm also tired of social media/ apps etc having blue icons, through bleary morning eyes, or tiring day at work eyes I'm forever opening iTunes instead of the Twitter app or opening Facebook from my bookmarks instead of going on my internet banking. And clearly it's important we save me those valuable milliseconds and stop me calling myself names for opening the wrong page!