Things I've... not done yet

I am well aware of the expected failings of a 'New Years Resolution'- give up drinking, chocolate, smoking, lose a stone, find a new job- all common and all with a high likelihood to fail. But I do like the structure and opportunity that a new year brings- like starting a new note book or sketch pad- it has the potential to be anything you can stretch your brain to. Admittedly, in January, the brain is not necessarily at it's most limber after the holiday season's over-indulgence of rich food and non-taxing TV.

Therefore, this year, as last year really, I see it as an opportunity to set out a statement of intent for myself, or just a big, vague to-do list for the year. While I'll not go into the full details of this 'big plan' (and give away all my secrets!?) the main driver behind this is to 'know more'.

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Colour and some social media too

Nice little look at the colours used in a selection of major web presences too- there is of course a lot of blue- they obviously all want to seem trustworthy and secure. Although they (Facebook) probably need to make sure the actual product is as such to begin with. The latest Facebook uproar surrounding the automatic face recognition software that was switched on without being announced and without notice given to user to opt out beforehand. I do think that is unacceptable, and not for the first makes me question the information I have 'out there'. By now, it's too late, and of course, most of what's out there I do want there. Google my name and you get images of my work (although probably not my best bits at the top) and my CV- which is I don't think can hinder me in my quest for career progression.

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