Things I've... not done yet

I am well aware of the expected failings of a 'New Years Resolution'- give up drinking, chocolate, smoking, lose a stone, find a new job- all common and all with a high likelihood to fail. But I do like the structure and opportunity that a new year brings- like starting a new note book or sketch pad- it has the potential to be anything you can stretch your brain to. Admittedly, in January, the brain is not necessarily at it's most limber after the holiday season's over-indulgence of rich food and non-taxing TV.

Therefore, this year, as last year really, I see it as an opportunity to set out a statement of intent for myself, or just a big, vague to-do list for the year. While I'll not go into the full details of this 'big plan' (and give away all my secrets!?) the main driver behind this is to 'know more'.

This week I also learned this is the resolution of columnist Lucy Mangan in Stylist Magazine and I would like to advocate it and spread the word also. I think of myself as a fairly knowledgeable sort of a person, but I am also sometimes overwhelmed by the infinite-ness of just how much I don't know. And despite deep down wanting to know EVERYTHING (perhaps a worrying symptom of some sort of Bond villain desire to take over the world?) I am aware I can't know everything really. But hell- I'll give it a bloomin' good try.

As the delightful Miss Mangan homes in on, I too, am lacking in some historic background to my place in the world so would like to fill some of those gaps. Plus current affairs and their background is also something I feel ashamed of not knowing enough about (especially when my teenage nephew seems more abreast of political issues). There's also a limitless amount of things that feed specifically into my design work that I'd like to know more about such as Design for Persuasion, Emotion and Trust or (PET) , Design Thinking and the way the eye sees things and the brain processes information instantly (I'm not even sure which subject this falls into, so wish me luck). This will of course involve reading lots of lovely books.

I'd also like to read more fiction and biographies to add into the already hefty 'to read' pile. I find that my vocabulary and ability to write improve greatly when I'm reading more, it happens very quickly- try it.

I also need to get back out to hear and see more inspirational speakers, like the D&AD North Lecture by Erik Kessels and Manchester Design Symposium. After these events I found myself internally punching the air and sort of whooping and "yeah"ing (only in my head I assure you) so pumped up was I. We all need to get that feeling back sometimes as the mundanity or everyday tribulations of what we do sets in.

I should of course make a New Years resolution to blog more, but that would just be foolish.

So in summary I either want to take over the planet... or just learn a bit more.